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Here at Taft Electric, Inc. we are dedicated to helping our customers ensure that their products and operations are functioning around the clock. If there is a need for electrical services after-hours, we will be there!

About Taft Electric, Inc.

Taft Electric, Inc. was established in 2012 by founder Nick Taft to provide the oil and gas industry with quality electrical services.

TEI specializes in instrumentation, electrical, and automation services including new installations, maintenance, repairs, and retrofits. We believe that there is no job that is too small or too big that it cannot be completed efficiently, safely, and with the highest detail to quality.

We pride ourselves in employing the best individuals, utilizing the highest quality materials, and the latest construction methods to ensure that our customers receive the level of quality that they deserve.

Services Provided

New Construction

Taft Electric, Incorporated can provide complete solutions for new construction projects. This includes any expansions or remodeling as well as any Automation, Metering, Conduits, Gas Sampling Systems, Regulators, Facilities, and more.


Performing maintenance on electrical components is essential for productivity, continued compliance with building codes, preventing fire hazards, and obtaining optimal electrical system functions. We offer preventative maintenance services, shutdown services, valve and instrumentation repair services, and assistance with planning future maintenance.

Oilfield Automation

Since our founding, TEI has been assisting customers with the installation of field and plant-based automation systems. We specialize in installing communication and telemetry equipment as well as instrumentation for artificial lift optimization, H2S monitoring, tank level monitoring, measurement, and more.

D.O.T. Testing

Taft Electric, Inc. that the equipment, materials, and experience to provide D.O.T. testing of electrical transformers and other D.O.T. regulated equipment.


We can provide services to perform simple repairs for issues like flickering lights and wire shorts but we are also capable of performing major repairs such as replacing fried electrical components, smoking outlets, potential fire hazards, and any repairs dealing with water damage. As will all our services we test everything before it is put in service.


Safety is our priority! We believe that there is no job that is so important and no service that is so urgent that we cannot take time to perform our task safely and without incident.

We perform weekly safety meetings as well as daily tailgate safety meetings to ensure that our employees are continually thinking with safety as part of the task.

We are compliant with all our customer's safety standards, we perform D.O.T. drug testing and pre-employment drug testing, and we participate with such as ISNetworld and Veriforce to perform record keeping.

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Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have.


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